Zoosk iPhone App Review


You have probably seen the zany and silly commercials on TV when watching a program that have a girl dreaming of meeting a guy but then the date goes horrible.  Well Zoosk is the one that makes these ads because they are promoting that you can pick people who arent weird and that will  be a good date by weeding them out through using the zoosk dating service.  Zoosk has been around a little while and has definitely become one of the bigger dating services out there that exists.  This service requires members to sign up and get a membership, and often pay a small monthly fee to use the services that Zoosk offers.

The zoosk iphone app is a great addition to the features that you can access online as the app gives you the ability to use all of the same features on the iphone that you could accomplish using a computer with the internet.  Get with the program and use the zoosk iphone app, especially if you are a zoosk member.  This will make it possible to look for new people to meet on the fly, see if someone is interested in you, and be able to edit your online profile on the fly as you are out and about if you see something that you want to change about yourself.


  • you can search more than 50 million singles all from the palm of your hand as you have access to the zoosk singles database right from your iphone
  • you can setup your profile and start flirting on the go so you don’t miss out on any hot action that may be happening
  • you can also upload pictures right from your phone and post them on your page so that if you are in the moment and see something cool, you can share that with the world
  • receive flirts right on your phone so you can respond back to them in record time and keep the mystery and interest alive between you and your potential single partners.

This is a great app that gives you all the functionality that you need in order to succeed when it comes to online dating.  Having the online dating services that zoosk offers an really give you that head start you are looking for when it comes to dating.


This app is FREE and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating.

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